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Bad news, ladies: Phil Mickelson spent the offseason working out, and now he's lost that lovable cuddliness that makes him the fan favorite everywhere he goes.

Can you picture Phil Mickelson lifting weights and doing 90 minutes of cardio workouts six days a week?

No, but go on.

Mickelson, who begins his season Wednesday with the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic in the Palm Springs, Calif., area, says he has done those things and has lost 25 pounds to prove it.

Twenty-five pounds? But who's going to breast-feed the children? (Please say Amy Please say Amy Please say Amy Please say Amy)

Oh, and if somebody can find a higher-res version of Amy in a swimsuit from that famous Sports Illustrated shoot, I think we'd all appreciate it — just send it to me via the email address on the contact page.

Hat tip: NBX

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