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As helpful Ohioan Suss pointed out, Cleveland councilman Michael Polensek sent a letter to one of his constituents, an 18-year-old named Arsenio Winston who once harbored dreams of playing in the NFL.  Except it wasn't the kind of platitudes about alternate-side parking that councilmen usually send out; Winston was arrested for selling drugs in the parking lot of a Convenient Food Mart after his fellow gang members tipped off police.  An excerpt:

So much for your wonderful pals, you idiot.  I am so glad that you are now 18 years of age, because now you are an adult and can no longer hide behind the juvenile court system, Mr. Quarterback, loser.  Remember when you told me to "kiss your black ass" at R.J. Taylor Playground and that you were going to be an NFL Quarterback?

…I told you just recently to stay out of my neighborhood, you crack-dealing piece of trash… There are only two places you will end up at the rate you are going — that is, prison or the nearest funeral home.  Quite frankly, I don't care which one you get to first as long as your dumb stupid ass is out of my neighborhood.

"…and remember to vote Polensek if you're acquitted of felony charges!"  The full letter is thumbnailed below so you can experience the full breadth and depth of Polensek's uplifting message.

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