A Georgia Bulldogs Lineman Went To A Strip Club And Became ‘The Best Cooler In The Business’

12.05.14 4 years ago 8 Comments
Zach DeBell

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Georgia offensive lineman Zach DeBell found himself having to help out the security staff at a strip club in Athens, GA recently. The 298-lb tackle came to the aid of a bouncer at the club after a patron dropped trou on a dancer, then got a little too handsy.

The brawl began after [strip club patron Joseph Kirkland] allegedly exposed himself to a Toppers employee while she was dancing for him in a room at the club. The woman told police she asked Kirkland to zip himself up before leaving the room, but he was still exposed when she returned a few minutes later.

The dancer then alerted [club bouncer Andrew Ho] Kim and other employees, who attempted to remove Kirkland from the club, police said. While being ushered through the club, witnesses told police that Kirkland punched and elbowed Kim in the bar area.

That’s when DeBell jumped in and came to the aid of Kim by carrying Kirkland outside by his belt and collar and placing him on the sidewalk until police arrived. According to the report, Kim then punched Kirkland in the face while he was lying on his stomach on the sidewalk. Both Kirkland and Kim were arrested following the incident.

It seems that Kim could still learn a thing or two from the best. The three simple rules of being a bouncer are clear. You never underestimate your opponent, you take it outside, and you be nice. At least until it’s time to not be nice. Thank goodness DeBell knew all the rules or this could have ended a lot worse.

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