A Great Reason to Never Watch Golf

Pro Wrestling Editor

When a legendary sportswriter like Dan Jenkins mentions strippers on his Twitter, you know something’s up, especially when he’s comparing them to 47-year old Spanish golfers:

That could’ve been a funny enough end to the story, but BBC has provided video of the warm up, and in this “pics or it didn’t happen” world it’s comforting to know that integrity still exists in the world of new media. Jenkins wasn’t kidding. Miguel Angel Jimenez looks like a stripper. A sweaty, overweight stripper who smokes while he stretches and swings two clubs. So, a stripper from Cleveland, I guess.

My advice is to watch the video twice. If you watch it the first time through with normal volume, it appears silent, and you can enjoy The Mechanic dropping it like its hot without any external stimuli. Then, turn your volume up all the way and restart the video. If you listen closely you can hear Peter Alliss providing hilarious play-by-play that makes the whole thing seem like one of those old Popeye cartoons where Bluto is walking angrily and pushing up his sleeves and trash-talking without moving his mouth.

[h/t Dogs That Chase Cars]

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