A Guide to Not Recognizing Your Mascots

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.12.11 12 Comments

I love my A Guide to Recognizing Your Mascots feature, especially now that I’m getting into the leagues where I have pictures of myself with things like the “Ballapeño,” the baseball-loving jalapeño, but they aren’t really setting the blogosphere on fire. Blogofire? Anyway, instead of a long, esoteric feature with too many words, here’s a funny video of a mascot going for a high five and getting completely shut down. Maybe they thought he was waving at them? That happened to me with Tweety Bird once at Six Flags.

I’m not sure why a track and field team needs a bear mascot, but I won’t complain. I’m the dork whose favorite picture of all time is his girlfriend high-fiving the Phillie Phanatic. Next time I go to an indoor track meet (which will be never), I’ll keep an eye out for the dejected-ass foam Muppet wandering around in the background.

[via HotClicks]

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