A High School Soccer Coach Accidentally Sent A Raunchy Snapchat Video To His Players

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10.16.14 16 Comments
American Pie

American Pie

For the second time today I’m writing about masturbation. I clearly have my priorities in order. A girls high school soccer coach in Connecticut sent a snapchat video of himself masturbating to girls on his team. He of course meant to send it to someone else—in this case his girlfriend. Or so he says.

This is a friendly reminder that you should always double check before sending videos of yourself whacking it. Thank me later for that advice.

Several team members told police they were at Husky Pizza in Mansfield Sept. 25 when one member of their group, who was friends with Sirois on Snapchat, received the video.

“Once I realized what I was watching I threw my phone down on the table and said, ‘guys, you have to look at this,'” said the team member who initially received the video, according to the warrant. The others then viewed it.

“We were all shocked by what we saw in the video and were talking about it.” Another student at the pizza restaurant who was friends with Sirois on Snapchat checked her phone a few minutes later and saw that the video had been deleted.

PRO TIP #2: Never show your face in a masturbation video. But I digress.

The local community’s grossed out by 57-year-old Jeffrey Sirois’ actions. An arrest warrant has been issued.

To be fair, I don’t think he meant to do this. But like, I don’t want to come out in support of a guy sending masturbation videos to teenage girls. So I’m torn here. But really, he couldn’t be that stupid, right?

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