A Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation Teddy Bear Toss, Because I Really Miss Hockey

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11.12.12 5 Comments

The last time the NHL locked itself out, I almost stopped watching for good. You’d think I’d have a similar reaction to the lockout going on right now, and that I’d get really into golf and just pretend they’re having long-distance shootouts on a tiny open net, but I’m not, and I won’t. The lack of Caps games is sending to places like the SPHL (for goalie fights) and to Hungary, where the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation organized a teddy bear toss for charity, and fans threw over 4,000 bears onto the ice. I’ll just pretend this is happening in the Verizon Center and try to be a little less depressed today.

For more, here’s the YouTube description:

A magyar-horvát meccs végén tradíciót követve be lehetett dobni plüss állatokat, amelyek gyermekkórházaknak lesznek odaajándékozva

I don’t know what that says, but I think somebody on the team is a vegan.

Here’s the toss:

As Bob (I’m assuming it’s Bob) at Bob’s Blitz points out, the king of the Teddy Bear Toss is still the fans of the Calgary Hitmen. They dropped over 25,000 bears in 2011:

Now if only someone could organize a STOP LOCKOUT OUT HOCKEY toss. Throw Sidney Crosby onto the ice somewhere, see if that works.

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