A Local News Crew Caught Up With V. Stiviano Outside Her Home In Los Angeles

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04.28.14 24 Comments
V Stiviano out and about


Since they started “dating” in 2010, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his girlfriend/mistress/”niece” V. Stiviano have been photographed in their courtside seats at the Staples Center on many occasions, so it’d be a real stretch to say that she isn’t used to some extra attention. After all, when you’re almost six decades younger than your gentleman lover, people tend to look at you and think, “Aw, that’s a girl who knows what love is. Quick, take a picture.”

But now that Stiviano is one subject of the infamous audio recordings released by TMZ and Deadspin, that she totally didn’t leak to the public as a means of “getting even” for Rochelle Sterling filing a lawsuit against her, and ever since she started hash-tagging the names of the world’s biggest publishing houses on posts on her Instagram account, it seems that Viviano has become a little shy. Los Angeles ABC affiliate KABC caught up with Stiviano outside her home yesterday, and she had either just taken a break from an intense poker game, or she didn’t want her face to be on TV. At least not local TV. I mean, what is she, an animal?

Come on, guys, let’s leave the girl who claims she didn’t very conveniently release 15 minutes of audio that exposes Donald Sterling as a vile racist (again), despite the fact that she’s being sued by that notorious racist’s estranged wife for more than $1.8 million, alone. She deserves her privacy, okay?

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