A Man With No Arms Threw Out The First Pitch In Baltimore (Like A Boss)

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05.10.13 4 Comments

This week, With Leather has featured a lot of embarrassing attempts at the ceremonial first pitch. Tiffany Hwang of the K-Pop group Girls’ Generation adorably shanked her throw, and just this morning Burnsy wrote up the copycat who pulled the same fail in front of the Stetson Hatters. He forgot the cat ears, though.

Sometimes, believe it or not, the ceremonial first pitch can be GREAT. Want proof? Look no further than Tom Willis, a man who was born without arms who threw out of the first pitch at Thursday’s Orioles game. He may be the inspirational story you’re looking for. He may also be the neighbor on ‘The Jeffersons.’

Here’s the clip of his epic first pitch, which you should show to any Korean pop stars or Stetson fans you know, in an effort to shame them.

From The Baltimore Sun:

Camden Yards was the 20th major league stop on Willis’s “Pitch for Awareness” national tour, which he hopes will highlight the abilities of people with disabilities.

“The main message,” he says, “is that I may look different. I may act differently. But it’s OK to be different.”

After a long career as a video producer, Arbitron executive and communications specialist with the federal government, the 54-year-old Willis makes his living as a motivational speaker these days.

The Blue Jays should look into signing this guy immediately.

[h/t to Hypervocal]

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