A Race Car Driver Was Saved From A Fiery Crash By A Man In A Nickelback Shirt

It was a scary scene for one driver and racing fans during a recent event at the Boone Speedway in Boone, Iowa. Race car driver Danny Watson experienced a broken axle after his vehicle hit a hole on the racetrack and his car burst into flames. He would have been a goner for sure, but fortunately another driver’s bravery led to Watson’s life being saved.

Richard Yaw was trailing Watson when the accident occurred and he was able to stop his vehicle and exit his car in time to pull Watson from his own flaming car in a beautiful moment of sportsmanship, heroics and friendship.

Watson was knocked unconscious and was quickly running out of time as the fire raged through his disabled vehicle. Yaw, who was right behind Wilson when the crash occurred pulled his own stock car over and ran to his friends aid. With his helmet still on Yaw jumped from his car and into the smoke and flames.

“I owe him my life,” Watson told the news station. (Via AOL)

And they both said some other stuff about how scary this was or whatever, but I totally became distracted when I saw Yaw’s t-shirt in this local news interview.


Chalk one up for Chad Kroeger and Co. In fact, I think the only logical next step is for Nickelback to play a free show for Yaw and the people of Boone at the Boone Speedway’s next big race night. If Nickelback says no, then they support people being burned alive in automobiles. Do the right thing, Nickelback.