A Reason To Cheer: Winning $1000 With Fanduel’s Week 5 Fantasy Football

If you click that photo, it sends you to that cheerleader’s Brazzers video. Just kidding, it doesn’t, but I hope you clicked it already.

Following my stellar 44th-place finish in our FanDuel Fantasy Football game on week 2, I’ll be signing up and finishing even better (read: way worse) in week 5. I know, I know, “44th-place” doesn’t sound like much of an accomplishment, but me finishing 44th in a fantasy football game and winning money is the equivalent of a normal person winning an Olympic gold medal.

Week 4’s game has 555 available slots, and each player is allowed to draft up to three teams for $2 a pop. That gives you up to three chances to win $1000 in prizes. Not bad. Here’s how it works:

The game starts with Sunday’s kickoff, so be sure to sign up as soon as possible and draft your squad. Get in early to guarantee your spot in the game, then obsessively rearrange your roster until Sunday afternoon. That’s what I’ll be doing, at least.


I really wish they let you draft a cheerleading squad.