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Sure, the Eagles are making a late-season attempt to fly with Jeff Garcia at the helm, but the Flyers are the worst team in the Eastern Conference, and the Sixers… man, the Sixers. Allen Iverson has cleaned out his locker as he waits to be traded (though where is anyone's guess), and his departure means the Sixers have gone from being one of the worst teams in the NBA to even worser.

Why so tortured, Philadelphia? Philadelphia Magazine, quoting WIP's Anthony Gargano, posits that it may all come back to Rocky:

"When ‘Philadelphian’ is used as an adjective to describe someone — and I’m not sure it was ever used as an adjective before Rocky — it means that person has heart and desire. I think people here have so internalized the mythology of the Rocky character that they will choose the underdog who overachieves over the superstar who actually wins.”

In a lot of ways, nothing could better sum up A.I.'s place in Philly: with him on the team, they were never going to win it all, but they would at least fight with courage. Now it's just gonna be a whole lot of Ashton Kutcher Kyle Korver. But cheer up, Philly. You'll always have booing.

(Thanks to Enrico of the 700 Level.)

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