A Retiring Baseball Player Is Saying Farewell To His Fans

[mlbvideo id=”36552901″ width=”650″ height=”360″ /]

I know, by now you’re probably sick and tired of having to read and hear about Paul Konerko’s retirement. His team isn’t even going to the playoffs and he hasn’t been good at baseball in years. Long-time players handle their retirements in different ways I guess, but it’s just hard for me to have #re14ect for a guy who seems to simply refuse to bow out gracefully while letting a younger and probably better player take over.

Can you imagine any other player in baseball getting the year-long Paul Konerko treatment where we have to suffer through an endless display of affection from teams and fans? He’s merely retiring from baseball; it’s not like he’s dying. He’ll probably still show up at old timers games and fan conventions, so it’s not like he’s leaving our lives for good. Geez people, get a grip already.

To each their own. His farewell video to fans was nice.