06.24.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

I haven’t been following this A-Rod benching too closely (1) because it’s the Yankees, and I’d hate to cut into half of the teams that ESPN is already covering, and (2) because Alex Rodriguez is quickly approaching Favre-ian territory with his off-field antics. But, I get a bit more interested when he might be missing games because of his “relationship” with Kate Hudson. I just made some air quotes at my laptop. You know, for effect. From Wonderwall:

A spy tells the Miami Herald that Kate and Alex were “all over each other” at the hotel’s sushi joint, “sucking face for like an hour without coming up for air.”

Hudson, who is mom to 5-year-old Ryder, was supposedly acting like “an out-of-control teenager, giving A-Rod what seemed to be a lap dance.”

I was just thinking about what it would like to be loaded and famous; how depressing would it be to make out with someone normal. I mean, Kate’s no Megan Fox or anything, but it has to be something of a relief for him to dry-hump someone I’ve actually heard of. But A-Rod and Hudson have been linked together for a month, so if Rodriguez hasn’t figured out where to stick it at that point, a couple more days in the dugout might be just what he needed.

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