A Royals Pitcher’s Wife Left Her Restaurant Server A Pretty Great Tip

10.22.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

Are you tired yet of hearing or reading about members of the Kansas City Royals doing generous things for their fans? Oh you’re not? Well that’s good because it happened again. According to KMBC in Kansas City, pitcher Wade Davis’s wife left a ticket to Game 1 for her server at Rock & Brews prior to the game on Tuesday afternoon. Here’s the details as described by server Ryan O’Connor.

“I started to walk away when I dropped off their check after they paid. They said ‘Hold on, I was going to give you a tip, but instead we thought you might want this [ticket to Game 1]’. And they said, ‘you’re going to sit with us, we’re a pretty cool family.'”

O’Connor showed the tip to his manager at the restaurant and got the night off in order to go to the game.

Later, the Royals would get pummeled in Game 1 to the Giants by a score of 7-1 as James “Big Game” Shields apparently decided that Game 1 of the World Series wasn’t a big enough game. Or maybe he just wasn’t locating his pitches very well. Yeah that could also be the case. Regardless, the game’s outcome is secondary to this restaurant server as he was given a day he’s surely to never forget thanks to the continued generosity of the Kansas City Royals towards their fans.



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