A Russian Guy Came Out Of An MMA Crowd And K.O.’d His Opponent In 30 Seconds

If we’re naming off the ten things that make us the happiest, guys who shouldn’t be in MMA fights getting into MMA fights and everything in Russia being absurd are in our top ten.

It is with that knowledge that I present to you the amazingly-named Arrows street fight Hipster vs Boxer TOTAL K.O., a Russian MMA clip about a guy coming out of the crowd to fill in for an absent fighter and decimating his opponent after about 40 seconds of prep. It’s got everything you want in a clip — people fighting in a sandbox surrounded by ropes, announcers yelling OPAAAA every two seconds like they’re Nia Vardalos’ family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a guy with long hair getting mauled and thousands of bears descending on the event to attack the crowd. Sorry, that last one might’ve just been me daydreaming.

Here’s the clip, for your TOTAL ENJOYMENT. Opa!

And before you say anything, yeah, there’s a chance this entire thing’s a work. The guy seems to know what he’s doing, at least from a “fighting on a volleyball court in Russia” perspective, and I don’t think anybody’d be shocked to find out independent Russian MMA promotions weren’t on the level. But hey, maybe it was a case of a fighter not knowing how to prep for a street fighter. Maybe it was the Moscow Miracle.

Either way, I’m gonna drive down to the playground and kick whoever’s in the sandbox’s ass right now.

[h/t to Middle Easy]