A Third Grader Made A Great Half Court Shot

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04.04.12 19 Comments

Basketball's only true hero.

If you haven’t heard the name Austin Worthen before today, that’s probably a good thing. He’s a third grade boy, and unless you’re related to him, you shouldn’t have any idea who he is. But as of today you have an excuse, because he’s become the Internet sports star du jour, thanks to a half court shot that he heaved up at the third quarter buzzer during a recent tournament game in Oklahoma.

But before you go thinking this is some random case of luck, know that young Austin is just that good, because according to his dad, he’s the hardest working third grader in the world.

According to his dad, Austin Worthen has practiced this shot a thousand times.

But this time he sank the basket at the buzzer and with dad taping the entire game.

The shot came at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Austin’s team won the game 25-4 and they finished second overall in the tournament. (Via KOBI 5 News)

Damn, that’s a bummer that they lost. Oh well, no time to read comic books and play video games for Austin. Gotta get right back in that gym and start heaving up a thousand half court shots so he’ll be ready for next year’s tournament. NO SLACKING, YOU P*SSIES!

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