A Turkish Soccer Match Gets Interrupted By Smoke Bombs, Because Of Course It Does

With Leather would like to celebrate four straight months of stories about butthole soccer fans trying to hurt players with explosives! The streak started back in September, when a guy lobbed a grenade onto the field and almost took off a player’s hand. That was one-upped in October by fans throwing firecrackers at an injured player, and quickly followed by a goalkeeper having his eardrums exploded by a bomb (and stadium arson!) in November.

December almost passed us by without anybody being ASSAULTED BY BOMBS FOR PLAYING SOCCER, but with only four months left in the month, Turkish fans have kept the horrible dream alive.

Galatasaray striker Burak Yilmaz, who used to play for Trabzonspor, was struck in the head by a foreign object (possibly a water bottle) and dropped to the ground. As Trabzonspor defender Giray Kacar went to check on him, a smoke bomb went off near Yilmaz’s rear end. (via Holdout Sports)

Video is below.

If you don’t want to get depressed about the savagery of sports fans, you can pretend the video is of Burak Yilmaz ripping an exaggerated, Ren & Stimpy-style fart to send his opponents running. That makes it pretty funny. Or maybe this is viral marketing for a cool new mode in FIFA ’14 where you toss molotovs at people to keep them from scoring.

Yeah, that still doesn’t work. Why are you throwing bombs at people? I feel like the first lesson you should learn as a person is DON’T THROW BOMBS AT PEOPLE.