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The Ten Most Ridiculous Skyrim Bugs and Glitches So Far – I’m still bummed about losing Lydia in that battle with Malkoran. Thanks for teleporting me through the door she can’t unlock, you stupid lightbulb God. I tried waiting forever and fast traveling but she was nowhere to be found, and eventually it told me she got tired of waiting and left. Frown. [Unreality]

This Is Why You Don’t Propose Marriage on National TV, Doofus – Poor guy. You’re supposed to propose beforehand, then stage it to look like a real proposal so you can be on TV. [Warming Glow]

8 Pop Culture Droste Effect GIFS That Will Blow Your Mind – I haven’t been this happy to learn a term since The Venture Bros. taught me “the Valsalva maneuver” [UPROXX]

10 Terrible Pieces of Merchandise Angry Birds is Pushing Its Luck With This Christmas – Remember when South Park was like this, and every store had like TIMMY UMBRELLA CARTMAN INFLATABLE PLUSH CANOE MR. GARRISON BEAN BAG CHAIR FILLED WITH GAK and we thought it’d last forever? [Gamma Squad]

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Poster Is Cool, I Guess – I’m really, really tired of crap like this. I’m more excited for the actual Abraham Lincoln movie. [Film Drunk]

The Most Terrifying Celebrity Faces Of 2011 – Ali Lohan is terrifying. [Buzzfeed]

No One Is Buying Lindsay Lohan Edition Of Playboy – And speaking of Lohans, “she didn’t show enough pussy” is the funniest and worst complaint about Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy spread. Have you ever SEEN a Playboy? Did you expect a lot of DP shots? [FARK]

Beetles Dressed As ‘Jurassic Park’ Characters Could Be the Weirdest Thing on the Internet – It makes me laugh, it makes me confused AND it makes me want to watch Jurassic Park again. Win win win. [The FW]

We’re Never Going Back. 8 Sh*tty “Lost” Knock-Offs – Nothing better than clues to a mystery that nobody intends to solve, am I right? There’s got to be a happy medium between Lost and Modern Family. [Pajiba]

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