A Very Special NFL Coaching Update

01.21.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

The bulk of the coaching carousel is over for the NFL right now, as all the teams have found their head coaches and are now just trying to find people for more specific positions right now. These assistant coaches and coordinators we talk about could be the next generation of head coaches, which starts whenever Al Davis fires his current one. Let’s talk about the lesser known names in coaching staffs and what they have been up to.

St. Louis Rams quarterback and assistant head coach Dick Curl is retiring at the age of 71. He has been with the Rams since 2008, but has been coaching since 1962, when he started out as head coach of Lee Davis High School in Virginia. He’s got a strong, thick presence that will be sorely missed in the NFL. The players enjoyed his conditioning program, called the “Dick Curl Experience,” and I was told it included cock pushups, too. (NSFW language)

Dean Pees, linebackers coach for the Baltimore Ravens, was rumored to possibly take a job with the Eagles but that possibility seems dead when head coach John Harbaugh said Pees had no interviews lined up in Philadelphia. It seemed like he and the linebackers flowed together well this season, and Pees was a real whiz on the defensive side of the ball.

Lastly, Ballsack Cockburn, the special teams coach for the San Diego Chargers…. alright, time to come clean. That name isn’t real. Yes, this was just a post to point out that there are coaches named Dick Curl and Dean Pees, and how that fact is hilarious. If you feel offended, just leave your email in the comments below and I will send you a full refund for the money you spent to read this. I’m sorry.

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