A Victim Of The Pennsylvania High School Stabbing Attack Took A Heroic Hospital Selfie

Earlier this morning, a male sophomore student at Franklin Regional Senior High School, located in the Pittsburgh-area, went on a stabbing spree with a knife, injuring at least 20 students. The attacker is in custody, but as of now, a motive is unknown. Here’s more from CNN:

Victims were stabbed in their torso, abdomen, chest and back areas, and two people were sent to surgery immediately after arriving, [Dr. Chris Kaufmann] said. Those two patients had low blood pressure, he said. A third was being prepared for surgery Wednesday morning, and the rest were being evaluated to see whether surgery was necessary, he said. (Via)

Many more could have been injured, were it not for Nate Scimio, who pulled the fire alarm, alerting fellow students and faculty to the presence of the stabber. He was taken to a nearby hospital, then this happened:

The only acceptable time to take a selfie? Right after you’ve saved a bunch of lives. Anyway, the poor kid’s already being inundated with press requests, leading to this appropriate comment.

Now, before you accuse UPROXX of acting hypocritical, please know that we haven’t contacted Nate for an interview. That would require us to put our old-timey “PRESS” hats on, and we lost those YEARS ago.