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I'm gonna finish today with this highlight reel of some of Sean Taylor's best plays.  To be fair, it's probably a little too kind about his playmaking skills early in his career — the ferocity with which he went after the ball made for a fair share of blown coverages — but by all accounts he was just blossoming into a fully realized safety with a well-rounded game this season. 

After the jump, the most memorable hit of Taylor's tragically short career.

This is, of course, Bills punter Brian Moorman eating a load of Taylor's shoulder on an attempted fake punt at the Pro Bowl.  As Big Daddy Drew noted, "I remember some people got mad about it.  'Hey, you can't try hard in the Pro Bowl!'"  I don't think Taylor understood not trying, and that's why NFL fans — not to mention the Taylor family — have lost something special.  Godspeed, Sean.

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