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Today in Japanese sports cinema: Oppai Volleyball will star Haruka Ayase (pictured, plus bonus gallery below the trailer) as a high school teacher who takes over the school’s hapless volleyball team.  Twitch describes the key plot device:

She does what she can to get you and your teammates producing results but nothing seems to work until, finally, in desperation, she one day plays her hidden ace.  If you and your teammates can get it together and win the upcoming tournament she will show you her breasts.  Will it work?

I have to assume that that’s a rhetorical question.  That would be the easiest volleyball tournament victory ever.  With a promise like that, she should really ask for a lot more from her students.  “Okay, by the end of the week I want a perpetual motion machine and the secrets to cold fusion unlocked.”  The kids would get that shit done by Wednesday.

[Oppai Volleball official site] | (thanks to Asian fetishist Tim was Tim for the tip)

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