The AAF Moved Its Championship Game From Vegas To Frisco, Texas A Month Before It’s Played

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The AAF will crown the first champion in league history on April 27, as the eight teams in the fledgling football league will look to become its inaugural champs.

It’s been an interesting season for the AAF, as ratings have been fairly solid, all things considered, while the football itself has been, well, about what you’d expect from a secondary pro league. Still, there is genuine interest in it and despite some shakiness early with regards to investors, it seems like the league will hum along through its first season without any disasters, which, to be honest, is a win.

However, that doesn’t mean things are going completely as planned, as the league has decided to shift its venue for the championship barely a month before the game is played. The AAF will no longer be crowning a champ in Las Vegas, instead moving the title game to lovely Frisco, Texas.

The reason for the move is to get it out of an aging Sam Boyd Stadium in Vegas and into a newer facility (owned by Jerry Jones) in Frisco, where the league has more of a footprint with a team in San Antonio, via the Associated Press.

“I am a big fan of the Alliance,” Jones said. “They are the first high-quality alternative football league to come along in a long time. The championship being live in prime time on CBS and the league’s success in drawing good crowds in Texas means this will be a great event for the fans of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.”

Any fans that pre-bought tickets in Vegas will get a full refund (although not on any travel that’s booked).

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