An AAF Player Was Left With A Massive Hotel Charge After The League Shut Down

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The AAF has shut its doors after less than one full season, as the primary owner of the league, Tom Dundon, chose to suspend all football operations this week.

Dundon invested $250 million into the league early in the season and had recently called on the NFL to provide more support for the fledgling AAF, with the threat he would shut it down. He followed through on that this week, leaving players and most team employees without a job effective immediately. There have been reports he bought into the league just for their app technology, which provided real-time player tracking that could be very useful in the sports betting sphere in the near future.

Whatever the case, players, coaches, and others around the league were stunned by the sudden decision to shut it down. For some it was even worse than just losing their job, as Adrien Robinson of the Memphis Express found out he had been charged $2,500 for the team’s most recent hotel stay and his only recourse is to dispute the charges after talking with the team — his card was on file for incidentals only.

Robinson says he’s not the only one that’s been left with mysterious hotel charges, but it seems highly unlikely he and his teammates did $2,500 worth of damage to the hotel to warrant that charge for incidentals. It may be a genuine mistake, but it’s yet another weird twist in the strange financial situation of the AAF, which seems like it will only get uglier as we learn the true story behind what happened with the league.

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