A Florida Panthers Reveals His Strange Obsession In A Hilarious Interview

Sometimes a headline doesn’t entirely encapsulate a story; that is not the case here.

Aaron Ekblad of the Florida Panthers is obsessed with seashells in this 3-minute interview conducted by teammate Vincent Trocheck for ESPN. About 80 percent of the interview is Ekblad talking about how he likes seashells, how he likes to put them in his truck, how he likes to dust them and how he hopes to one day have a girlfriend that enjoys seashells as much as he does.

But is the whole thing just a bit?

It does seem like this is all an inside joke between Trocheck and Ekblad, or maybe they’re just referencing a movie they’ve seen and none of us are the wiser. Ekblad said his phone number is 867-5309 but, for those of you born after 1990, that’s a song from the 1980s about a disturbed man who has the phone number of a woman named Jenny. It was a strange music scene back then that’s hard to explain.

If it’s not an inside joke, can someone get Ekblad some help? He’s young, good-looking, lives in the spring-break capital of the world and he’s patrolling Fort Lauderdale’s beaches for seashells, loading them in his truck and hoping to find a girl that will join him on this endeavor. This is basically a character trait of an un-sub during an episode of Criminal Minds.

(Via ESPN)