A Yankees Outfielder Threw A Baseball Faster Than Any Player In Recorded History

Don’t be surprised if the MLB “randomly” tests New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks in the coming days. Not for PEDs, mind you, but to make sure there’s actually bone and vital organs beneath his skin and not the advanced metallic skeletal structure of a cyborg.

What Hicks did in the above video — throwing a 105.5 mph dart from left field to home plate to tag out Danny Valencia — isn’t normal. It doesn’t seem human, even. Yes, pitchers throw fastballs nearing 100 mph all the time, but this ball is traveling faster and farther. Think of it like this: You’re in your car, speeding on the highway. Chances are, that baseball is still traveling faster than you. And it had to cover a good chunk of a baseball field to get to where it needed to be.

Why is this important? According to statcast, Hicks’ bullet was the fastest throw ever recorded in a major-league game. Quite literally, we’re talking about the fastest baseball in recorded history.

Here’s another look. That thing is on a damn rope.

And now, let us prepare for the inevitable shoulder injuries suffered across this great nation as others try to see if they can throw a baseball 105.6 mph. (They can’t.)

(Via For The Win)