A Cheap Shot On Aaron Rodgers Prompted This Scuffle Between The Packers And Titans

11.13.16 1 year ago 3 Comments

The Packers went down early to the Titans in Tennessee, but Aaron Rodgers is doing Aaron Rodgers things in an attempt to get Green Bay back in the game. One of those Aaron Rodgers things was this great 20-yard run for a touchdown, but when he crossed the plane of the end zone, things got really interesting. Titans safety Perrish Cox unloaded on Rodgers from two or three steps deep in the end zone, a clearly late hit that got the Packers up in arms.

Green Bay has issues up and down the roster (they did give up 35 points in one half to the Titans), and they know damn well that Rodgers is their bread and butter. Any attempt to take him out of the game will always be met with fury from his teammates, and there was a full-on brouhaha after the hit in the back of the end zone, reminiscent of the dugouts clearing after a high pitch in baseball. Cox was flagged for a late hit, and it looks like that might further energize Green Bay to come back against the Titans.

One more question: is the on-field personnel on the right side of the hullabaloo taking a selfie here?

If so, that’s a strong selfie game.

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