Aaron Rodgers’ Doppleganger Made His Way To Green Bay To Fool The Locals

10.16.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

Tom Wrigglesworth

Tom Wrigglesworth is a British stand-up comedian. Earlier this year while appearing on a show on the Science Channel, it was discovered by viewers that he bore a striking resemblance to Aaron Rodgers. On Wednesday, NFL Films released a video of Wrigglesworth making his way to Green Bay to meet with Packers fans to see if he could fool the locals into believing he was actually Aaron Rodgers. Later, he would end up at Lambeau Field to meet some of the Packers players, as well as Aaron Rodgers himself. The results were spectacular.

Aside from their throwing motions (and probably 50 pounds or so), the resemblance is uncanny. I wonder if Rodgers would be willing to fly to England to do some standup comedy.

“Oh thank you, thank you. Oh stop you’re too kind. I just flew in from Green Bay and boy are my arms tired.”

Make it happen, NFL Films.


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