Aaron Rodgers Puts An End To That Michael Jordan Comparison

Aaron Rodgers Michael Jordan Comparison
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The Aaron Rodgers-Michael Jordan comparison has officially, and thankfully, been put to an end before it ever really became a huge talking point.

Earlier this week, Packers backup quarterback Scott Tolzien, a native of suburban Chicago, dropped the Rodgers-Jordan comparison to reporters after Green Bay’s Monday night win against the Chiefs. Via ESPN Wisconsin:

“I mean, to me,” Tolzien said, peeking over his shoulder to make sure Rodgers couldn’t hear him, “it’s like watching Jordan in his prime. He’s at the top of his game. He makes it all go.”

Besides the fact that the quarterback is the point guard of football, and Jordan wasn’t a point guard, there’s the whole matter of Jordan’s legacy being on display. Rodgers, meanwhile, is still in the middle of his career and most agree that he’s the greatest basketball player of all time (GOAT). In Rodgers’ prime — now — he’s definitely one of the best players in the NFL, if not the best. But the Jordan comparison feels tired, and it’s not a great one to begin with.

Rodgers is shying away from the correlation, too, via ESPN:

Well, I appreciate the kind words. I don’t know if the comparison is … I’m not worthy of that comparison. I enjoyed watching Michael. I was a big fan as a kid.

It’s a nice comparison. I’m just trying to be a guy they can count on every week. I know my play is very important to this team, but it takes all the guys that dress playing well for us to win.

That said, there’s no doubt that Rodgers is on pace to becoming one of the great all-time quarterbacks in the NFL. As Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman tweets, if Rodgers keeps playing at a high level — he’s on pace to best his own completion percentage — he’ll own several, if not all, of the league’s passing records:

Ultimately, the best compliment Rodgers could receive is not how his career compares to Jordan’s. Rather, the best compliment would be to have other quarterbacks compared to him down the road.

(Via ESPN)