AC/DC Now Sells Sports Themed Jerseys And They’re Pretty Awesome

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If you’re an AC/DC fan, and a diehard professional sports fan, you can now have the two things in one. Allow me to explain. On AC/DC’s website, you can now purchase AC/DC jerseys that are designed to have the likeness of your favorite sports team’s jersey. They are all listed under a franchise’s respective city, and then the jersey is basically the same as your team, but with an AC/DC redesign to it. I’ll give you some of my personal favorites from the collection.

For starters, here’s one for San Francisco that mirrors the Giants jersey.

One of the coolest ones is this one for the British Columbia Lions — a football team in the Canadian Football League. I might be a sucker for the orange and black combination here, but I think this one is clean.

The one for Toronto looks like the jersey the Toronto Blue Jays wear — except it has an awesome image of AC/DC guitarist Angus Young shredding included on the front.

For the city of Los Angeles, there’s one for the Los Angeles Dodgers — this one might be my favorite. Something about the color scheme and font here looks awesome.

And finally, AC/DC’s logo looks pretty good in front of the Detroit Lions’ powder blue.

The other cities included are Foxborough, New York, Chicago, Montreal, and others. In terms of pricing, these things aren’t too bad. You can find the full collection and purchase them on AC/DC’s website.

[Via: AC/DC Store]

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