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The New York Post is reporting that actress Natasha Richardson is now brain dead after suffering a fall during a ski lesson yesterday. Richardson is known for her work on Broadway and in a couple movies that I’ve never heard of:

Richardson, who was being treated at a Montreal hospital, is being transported to New York this afternoon so her mom Vanessa Redgrave, two children and other loved ones can say goodbye before she’s taken off life-support, friends said.

Liam Neeson, husband of the Broadway and screen star, left shooting of his movie in Toronto to rush to Richardson’s side in Montreal and now on the trip home.

The British-born Richardson, 45, fell during a private lesson at Mont Tremblant resort yesterday and allegedly told resort employees she felt fine. But an hour later, she complained of an extreme headache and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Being brain dead is not the same as being in a persistent vegetative state (PVS), which is comatose brought on by brain damage. PVS people can still breathe and respond to stimuli, whereas someone brain dead cannot. I have a pretty good idea how Liam Neeson might spend his last moments with his wife…

…starting around the 2:25 mark.

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