Adam Sandler Walked Out On The Lakers, Wanted To See Shaq’s Penis

Honestly, finding out that Shaquille O’Neal plays “Police Officer” in Grown Ups 2 is as much as you should ever learn about Grown Ups 2. In a perfect world, you’re saying, “Grown Ups 2? I never saw Grown-Ups 1!” Yes, in a perfect world you call Grown UpsGrown Ups 1.”

Anyway, descending quality of comedy magnate Adam Sandler went on Conan to discuss the underlying themes of Grown Ups 2 — spoiler alert: nutshots —

and told a thorough story about playing basketball with Shaq, then trying to see his penis. It’s a totally reasonable thing, I guess, and the story is pretty spectacular. I’m only disappointed that Shaq didn’t make Sandler do the Mer-Man cry while he looked at it.

Here’s the clip:

Sandler also shared a funny story about being at a Lakers game with Jack Nicholson, and the ongoing disappointment that comes with being or knowing Jack Nicholson in 2013. What happens when the Lakers are down by almost 20 with 6 minutes left? He turns into Jack Nicholson from Five Easy Pieces and gets demanding.

And by the way, if you watch that clip, be sure to bail when the story is over, because a Grown Ups 2 clip ends it. The big joke is that Kevin James has a fanny pack. Do not watch this under any circumstances.

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