Adam Schefter’s Unfortunate Starbucks Saga, And The Man Who Claimed To Be His Barista

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05.01.17 11 Comments

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According to a Google search I just did, approximately 60 million people go to Starbucks every week. One such person is Adam Schefter, ESPN’s NFL insider who dabbles in coverage of other sports. Schefter is apparently a loyal fan of the chain of coffee shops, and on the Thursday of the NFL Draft, he went to get himself a shot of caffeine before what was surely going to be a long day.

But tragedy struck. The lid on Schefter’s cup of joe wasn’t put on all the way, which led to this tweet getting sent.

Sure, this is not great, but it’s not the end of the world, either. This is probably something that happens with some frequency, plus I’m sure Schefter had a change of clothes with him at his hotel and he was able to get the shirt he was wearing dry cleaned. Still, it wasn’t a huge deal.

That is until Twitter user and person you should follow immediately @treblaw decided to tell the whole wide world that he was the mischievous barista who set out to ruin Schefter’s day.

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