Watch Illusionist Adam Trent Pull Off Some Magic With An Olympic Fencer

Adam Trent’s skills are very different than that of Olympic fencer Miles Chamley-Watson. Together, the two helped make some magic.

Trent used Chamley-Watson to do a magic trick involving a box that turned out to be hiding a lot more than just face cards.

Trent was showing off his skills to help launch his travel series on Red Bull TV called The Road Trick, which launched online Thursday.

“Magic is the best ice breaker,” Trent said. The career magician hopes with his skills he can make connections with different cultures around the world. The show’s first episode filmed in Budapest, Hungary, where Trent explores the city and wows its inhabitants with tricks to make more human connections.
The 10-episode series takes Trent to destinations such as Paris, Barcelona, Florence, and even Alpine Switzerland, where Trent learns how to yodel and make watches.

Back in America, Trent’s trick left Chamley-Watson guessing how he put steel through steel.

After the shock wore off, Chamley-Watson gave Trent a lesson in fencing that proved the two should stick to what they each do best. Just like good magic, fencing is a a lot harder than it looks.