Cardinals Pitcher Adam Wainwright Doesn’t Like Erectile Dysfunction Commercials, Either

adam wainwright
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Before commercials for daily fantasy sites became the most annoying things on television, the kings of the overly-aggressive advertising campaign during sporting events was the erectile dysfunction industry. These ads were most prominent during the Major League Baseball playoffs, as it would seem like there would be at least one commercial featuring an older woman discussing ED during every break.

These ads still happen pretty prominently today, and while they aren’t as overbearing as daily fantasy sports commercials, they’re still annoying as hell. Plus there’s the whole “you’re running commercials all the time about a guy’s sex life being non-existent while kids are watching” thing and you can argue that these ads are too much.

One person has had enough: Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright. While watching baseball on Thursday night, Wainwright saw one too many erectile dysfunction ads and decided to call out Fox and Major League Baseball.

Wainwright does have three children, so it’s fair to assume that he watches games with them and either: A) he doesn’t want them watching commercials like that or B) he keeps getting annoyed with them because they always want to know what “spice up your love life” means. Either way, we can’t blame Wainwright for changing the channel all the time and getting annoyed with these godforsaken commercials.