Adidas Is Putting Out Special Afterburner Cleats For Mother’s Day

Adidas is celebrating Mother’s Day the only way it knows how: by putting out a special pair of cleats. The three stripe brand is making mom feel loved with a special pair of pink Adizero Afterburner 4s. And yes, they are pink.

The light pink cleat features polka dots on the heel that adidas says are inspired by the bandana worn by Rosie the Riveter in the famous World War II propaganda poster. The homage is meant to reflect the strength of mothers, and it also just plain looks good. The Afterburners feature pink chrome stripes on the sides, and the spikes also have a touch of pink on them that really make the design pop.

Adidas says the 2017 version of its Afterburner is the lightest cleat in baseball, which is good news for players trying to beat out throws to first while paying tribute to their moms. The special edition cleat also features a spot on the cleat’s tongue that athletes were allowed to customize with a special message for their mothers. Here’s what it looks like with just the word “mom” there.


More than 100 adidas-branded athletes are expected to wear the cleats in the majors over the weekend, so you’ll get a good chance to see how the cleat looks in HD if you’re on the fence about rocking them yourself.

So if flowers won’t work, maybe buy your mother a nice pair of cleats. Or not! She just wants you to be happy and safe, and maybe to call her a bit more often. Either way, she knows you still care.