Adidas Outfitted NFL Stars Like Josh Norman For #MyCauseMyCleats

Cleat design has become a big deal in the NFL in recent years. At first, the NFL was unwilling to let it become a thing in the first place, fining players for wearing special cleats during games that drew attention to special causes and messages.

In recent years, though, the league has dedicated a special week to let players show off their passions with colorful designs, and this weekend is that designated period this season.

To celebrate it, adidas outfitted a number of players with special cleats designed to show off the causes players hold dear. Though someone like Aaron Rodgers won’t actually be playing in his, there are some pretty awesome designs on display this weekend.

Allen Robinson’s “Operation Elf” shoes, seen above, are a highlight for me.

But there are a lot of winners. Joey Bosa, Eric Berry, and Jimmy Graham are among a number of players who are participating in the #MyCauseMyCleats project with specially-designed colorways of adidas cleats. Marcus Peters, Landon Collons, and Josh Norman also had cleats made. Norman’s Starz24 cleats are pretty snazzy too.

Tyler Locket’s feature LED lights that actually work, and Von Miller had two pairs made, one for his glasses charity, Von’s Vision, and another pair of purple cleats to honor the battle against lupus. It’s a cool project and a way to add a splash of color to the field this weekend. The great causes don’t hurt, either.