Adonis Stevenson Told His Daughter He Was Going To Knock Out Thomas Williams For Her Birthday And Dang It He Did

There are incredible moments in sports, then there are incredible moments in sports that are called by the athlete, like Babe Ruth pointing to the bleachers, then there are moments in sports in which the athlete promises an incredible highlight as a gift to a child. In this case, Adonis Stevenson promised his daughter that daddy was going to give her the best birthday gift ever — a knockout of southpaw Thomas Williams.

“We go for the KO. It is also the birthday of my daughter and I want to offer her a KO, I am motivated. This will be exciting… don’t blink!’ (Via) 

Dude was 100% correct. If you blinked, you missed the WBC light heavyweight champ’s check hook that sent Thomas Willams flat to the canvas. It was a clean, brilliant shot, and one that won’t soon be forgotten whenever his daughter blows out her birthday candles.

This is Stevenson’s 7th title defense, and the champ is now 28-1 with 23 knockouts. Now, let’s take one more look at this massive blow that was the most painful birthday present in existence.