Adrian Beltre Defends His Head By Any Means Necessary After Walk-Off Win

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Even though they’ve suffered from some of the cruelest injury luck of any team in baseball, the Texas Rangers are still in the hunt for a playoff berth, and having a great time doing it. Adrian Beltre could be considered the heart of the Rangers, but, at the very least, he’s one of their best players. His only weakness is his head, which he hates having touched. It’s such a sensitive spot that his teammates just can’t help themselves.

Unfortunately, a player gets his head touched a lot when he does awesome things like draw a walk-off walk to beat the Seattle Mariners in the bottom of the ninth inning, as happened Monday night. So Beltre had to suffer (GIF courtesy

Oh no, his greatest joy is being spoiled by his greatest fear! Beltre’s head sensitivity isn’t just in reaction to human hands, however. Much like a cat, he dreads being doused and is willing to resort to defensive measures to prevent it:

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Adrian Beltre is the greatest. He also delivers some punishment from time to time. Apropos of nothing (and courtesy of Barstool Sports), here’s Beltre nailing rookie pitcher Chi Chi Gonzalez in the junk:

The Rangers have a fight ahead of them to make the playoffs in the AL, but here’s hoping they make it so that they can try to touch Beltre’s head in more dramatic circumstances.

(Via and Barstool Sports)