The Bodycam Footage Of Adrien Broner’s Arrest Is Bizarre: ‘I’m Rich. I Don’t Give A F*ck’

Adrien Broner has had a rough few days. His car was recently fired upon in an attempt on his life in Cincinnati, which led to police arresting the former boxing champion for operating a vehicle under the influence. This led to a bizarrely pleasant arrest according to the police body cam footage. As pleasant as an arrest could be with a guy who just had at least 10 shots fired in his direction.

As the police approach Broner, he hoped to get out of the open warrant from 2014, then is resigned having the cuffs put on as he shouts to someone to get his (bullet-riddled) SUV picked up. The police explain that he’ll be in an out for an hour but Broner doesn’t want to get his hands damaged by the tight cuffs in the cop car, which the police quickly loosened for him.

When Broner tries explaining that he’s not going to run, he explains in his usual boxing promoter manner: “I’m rich. I don’t give a f*** about nothing.” Then he gets a phone call from his “second wife” or his “other girlfriend” which he considers having the police answer for him. “That’s — that’s just my baby,” Broner said. “That’s one of my girlfriends. That’s — that’s my second wife.”

The cops laugh, and one of them says: “You’ve got two wives? Damn, I’m living life wrong, son.”

According to reports, Broner was booked at 1:18 a.m. and released at 5:10 a.m. after posting $503 bond. He’s rich.

(Via WCPO)