Adrien Broner’s Saturday Night Went From Zero To Awful In A Matter Of 12 Rounds

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12.16.13 2 Comments

On Saturday night, Marcos Maidana earned a unanimous decision against Adrien Broner to win the WBA Welterweight Title, and obviously the new champion was pretty excited about that. You know who wasn’t excited? Broner. The flamboyant now-formerly undefeated champion must have been pretty devastated to lose his title in front of everyone at the Alamodome in San Antonio, especially after the way that he arrived for his big fight.

Now, to compare that to how Broner felt and acted after he lost his title and was knocked down twice by Maidana, here’s a very wonderful GIF of him getting the F out of dodge.

Hey, but at least he told everyone that he was still going to party and act like he won, because that’s what being a champion is all about – refusing to accept that you’ve been defeated and spitting in the face of humility.

Side note: This is still my most favorite Broner video, not because of anything that he does, but because of the way that the announcer mocks his dream of becoming a billionaire fighter.

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