Advice To Future Wrestling Coaches: Be Kind To The Farting Wrestler

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06.05.13 8 Comments
Natalya crying

No, not this one.

The high school wrestling coach cited with summary disorderly conduct for allegedly encouraging wrestlers to hit a fellow team member because he was farting too much doesn’t know how the Internet works.

[Matthew] Striebig declined comment, saying “It’s not a very interesting story.”

To reiterate, this guy was a high school varsity wrestling coach who asked his team to hit a teammate because he wouldn’t stop farting and he doesn’t think coach makes team punch farter is an interesting story. COACH ORDERS TEAM TO ATTACK FARTER. What IS interesting in your life, Matt Striebig?

“One of the wrestlers was, for lack of a better term, passing gas,” Murphy said. “The comment was made that if he did it again, other wrestlers could hit him.”

At least a couple of students followed through on Striebig’s comment, according to the prosecutor, but the investigation was unable to determine how many wrestlers actually hit the youth.

“It was more than one,” Murphy said. (via York Dispatch)

Deadspin’s write-up of the story mentions that the grown man’s request for teens to punch a kid for farting was “supposed to be lighthearted” and that the fartsmith didn’t receive any notable injuries, but that doesn’t curb my interest. The coach’s punishment is 35 hours of community service, and once he’s completed that, the whole “I made kids attack another kid because of his noxious asshole” thing will be taken off his permanent record. His additional punishment, I guess, is having to share a locker room with a kid who won’t stop farting.

Don’t worry, kid. Sometimes even the pros can’t stop farting:

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