After Getting Benched (Again), McNabb Gets Paid (Again)

11.15.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

The Washington Redskins just signed Donovan McNabb to a $75 million extension after a short day of face-to-face negotiations. McNabb ranks 15th in passing yards (1,971), 26th in touchdown passes (7) and 28th in quarterback rating (78.0), whatever the hell that is.

[The extension] could be worth up to $88 million with incentives, a source with knowledge of the agreement told ESPN NFL Insider Michael Smith.

The source said $40 million of the deal will be guaranteed.

McNabb’s agent, Fletcher Smith, started his own player representation firm in 2008. And this isn’t the first time that Smith has scored a raise for his star client after a benching. When McNabb was sent to the pine in 2008 in lieu of Kevin Kolb, Smith negotiated a $5.3 million raise for McNabb the following offseason.

Whether McNabb gets paid for that entire deal or not [Spoiler Alert: he won’t], it’s still a nice win for a quarterback that was torn to shreds in the media by his head coach just days earlier, but really, I have to tip my tattered newsie cap to Fletcher Smith. That dude could sell birth control to a school bus full of nuns. Why are the nuns always in a school bus, anyway? You’d think they could afford their own bus, or at least one of those big vans.

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