After His Assault Arrest, Thiago Silva Is Back To Training

You may remember the time earlier this year when Thiago Silva lost his ding dang mind, pulled a gun on people and got into a stand off with police that resulted in him being arrested in his board shorts. Are you curious as to what he’s been up to? Well, I have some information!

It was briefly thought he wouldn’t get bail due to posing a flight risk to return to Brazil, but Thiago was released on a $25,000 bond in March. Since then, he’s been awaiting trial for aggravated assault, among other charges stemming from that whole “threaten to shoot his ex-wife and her BJJ coach/lover” incident that got him a lifetime ban from the UFC. Since the dude’s gotta eat, Thiago has returned to the Jaco Hybrid training center, known colloquially as the Blackzilians to teach kickboxing and train with his teammates, all while wearing an ankle monitor (This probably makes BJJ awkward). Why on earth would the gym bring this dude back? Let’s turn to the head coach of the Blackzilians, Jorge Santiago:

“Having him around is great. He brings energy. It’s contagious.”

By “energy” he means “uncontrollable rage issues and terrible life decisions”, right? Okay, so the gym thinks he’s good to have around, whatever, the Blackzilians aren’t the brightest bulbs. At least he won’t be able to get close to his ex-wife, Thaysa Kamiji again and shove a gun in her mouth, right?

OH WAIT, she asked a judge to revoke the restraining order she had originally placed on Thiago. I guess the Brazilian variation on the steel anniversary is a gun barrel. Is there anything else that’s going to make me confident that he won’t really face any punishment for him being a lunatic? Something from his attorney, Scott Saul (Insert “guess he got the call” joke that I only understand osmotically):

“I’m looking to beat this stuff. What made this so juicy in the beginning, that’s not what the case is any longer. Why did that happen? What was written in the police reports is not exactly accurate.”

Dang it. I guess I’ll just have to watch his knockout loss against Lyoto Machida over and over to feel better about this whole situation.