11.11.09 8 years ago 3 Comments

Major League Baseball decided not to expand the use of instant replay for 2010, despite consideration stemming from a cluster of blown calls by umpires in the playoffs and late regular season in 2009. General managers didn’t even vote on it, in large part due to commissioner Bud Selig’s adamant opposition to it.

Any change for 2010 likely would be likely have to be instigated by commissioner Bud Selig, who repeatedly has said he’s against widening the use of video review. While there was discussion, Solomon said “it was all confined to the current instant replay system that we have.”

“I think commissioner Selig is going to look at the entire umpiring structure and he’s going to seek ways to enhance the entire structure,” Solomon said. –Y! Sports.

Baseball with instant replay is like my grandparents with email: you’ll have to push them into it kicking and screaming. Hang on, here comes an email from Grandpa right now…”Call me when you get this.” Way to join the information age, you old coot.

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