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Media Take Out — they don't like the spaces, but I do — got a bunch of photos of Michael Jordan's teenage sons Marcus and Jeffrey on vacation, and you will be absolutely shocked to learn that teenagers whose parents are wealthier than God do things like drink alcohol and dance with hot chicks.

MediaTakeOut.com has exclusively obtained shocking new pics of Michael Jordan's sons going wild. The photos, which were reportedly taken on a recent vacation, show the two high school boys engaged in some very inappropriate behavior.  In the first batch of images, Michael's 18 year old son Jeffrey (currently a high school senior) is photo'd dancing suggestively with a number of women.  But those images are tame compared to those of Michael's 16 year old son Marcus.  MediaTakeOut.com obtained images that show the high school sophomore with alcoholic beverages and smoking what appears to be marijuana.  And there's more.  In a photo, Marcus is shown unconscious in a pool of his own vomit – an obvious result of overindulging.

Thanks for explaining all that, Obvious Take Out.  I figured Marcus just had some bad fish.  But seriously, great job.  My mind is blown.  High school boys drink alcohol, smoke weed, and dance with girls.  Will our nation ever recover from this demoralizing tragedy?  Will hope in America ever be restored?  Only if I take my shirt off.

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