11.07.08 10 years ago 11 Comments

One of my favorite players in the NFL is Titans fullback Ahmard Hall — partly because he clears the way for my LenDale White fantasy points, but mostly because he served in the Marine Corps before his college days as a Texas Longhorn.  And the veteran of Afghanistan will visit a VA hospital next Tuesday in honor of Veteran’s Day (last item).

“I’m just going to the hospital. I’ve been every year since I’ve been here,” Hall said. “I’m just going to show my gratitude to the veterans, young and old, that served the country and enable us to do what we do.”

There’s not really a joke here.  Everyone says they support the troops and respect veterans but no one does shit, so it’s pretty refreshing to see someone actually doing something. Semper Fi, Sergeant Hall.

Also, on a related programming note, Monday is not only Veteran’s Day, but also the most sacred day of the year: the MARINE CORPS BIRTHDAY.  The world’s finest fighting force turns 233.  Older than he U. S. of A. — and in much better shape, I might add.  No need to send gifts.  Your deference and respect is enough.

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