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This mug shot is of former ECW wrestler Jim "The Sandman" Fullington.  Not only is this an instant all-time badass mug shot — he looks like the abusive father Billy Idol should have had — but the story that goes with it is equally awetastic.  From the ledemasters at the New York Post:

A 75th-birthday bash for wrestling icon Capt. Lou Albano turned into a real-life "Wrestlemania" event when "The Sandman" allegedly got drunk and went berserk – and "The Zombie" and "Pitbull" struggled to restrain him as a SWAT team was called in.

"It was unbelievable – I've never seen anything like it," one stunned party guest told The Post today, after wrestler Jim "The Sandman" Fullington found himself at the center of a bottle-hurling, glass-smashing melee with the owner of La Lanterna restaurant in Yonkers…

Five Yonkers cops, a SWAT unit and an ambulance had to be called to stop the brawl, which partygoers said started after Fullington exchanged words with eatery owner T.J. Tarone – who responded by shattering a beer bottle in the face of the 6-foot-6, 300-pound wrestler.

That actually reminds of a pretty wild night I had in college.  The Asian kid down the hall knocked on my door and was like, "Hey, can you keep it down?" and I was all, "Sorry, I just can't get enough of this RENT soundtrack."  Dodged a bullet that night, my friends.  He probably knew karate.

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