Ain’t No Party Like A Golden-Voiced Hobo Party Because A Golden-Voiced Hobo Party Don’t Stop

01.12.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

Remember that recovering alcoholic homeless announcer that your mother won’t shut up about? Yeah, well the magic flea-infested carpet ride is over; Ted Williams has officially started drinking again, and police were called after a family reunion in California got out of hand. It’s a shame that nobody could have seen something like this coming.

“It was minor. Both parties were angry but there were no signs of visible abuse,” Los Angeles police Officer Catherine Massey said Tuesday. She said the two “were brought in, calmed down, talked to and released” and she did not know the nature of the argument. Williams and his daughter were held at the Hollywood police station for less than an hour and they were not arrested, Massey said.

She declined to name Williams’ daughter, but a statement from “Entertainment Tonight” identified her as Janey (pronounced juh-NAY’) Williams.

Janey Williams told ET she was angry because her father, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, had resumed drinking.

–ABC News.

Oh well, at least he got one commercial under his belt. Even though he apparently has canceled all of his public appearances, I hope he stays in the public eye. America needs more famous homeless people.

UPDATE: He’s entering rehab.

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